Rover Specifications

Posted: 2010/09/15 in Uncategorized

Physical Aspects

  • must be able to rover on a irregular “natural” terrain with obstacles not exceeding 1 cubic inch.
  • must be battery powered (rechargeable).
  • must not have any physical tether.
  • must be at most 12″ long, 10″ wide and 8″ high.
  • must have a body to protect the internal systems.
  • must be able to withstand a drop from 3″.
  • must be able to negotiate ramps (less than 20 degrees).
  • must be able to turn left or right with a tight turning radius.

Autonomous Functions

  • detect when power levels are too low to continue
  • detect the presence of objects
  • navigate around objects
  • detect collision with objects
  • handle collision with objects
  • take pictures of areas around rover while navigating
  • detect magnetic fields
  • detect loss of terrain ahead of rover
  • monitor and control motor speeds
  • navigate based on compass headings and distance

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