MK 2 – Sensors

Posted: 2010/09/18 in Uncategorized

Sensors, sensors and more sensors…

The sensors all perform different functions they fall into a few specific categories:

  1. navigation sensors
  2. life signs sensors

Navigation Sensors

  • collision detection : optical sensor coupled to a front bumper (scratch built, digital interface)
  • collision avoidance : infrared detectors and sonars (from MaxBotix)
  • direction : ground detection,  line detection, magnetic flux detection (from LynxMotion & Phidgets)
  • speed : optical wheel rotation sensors (scratch built, digital interface)

Life Sign Sensors

  • Battery voltage sensors (from Phidgets)
  • Motor current sensor (from Phidgets)
  • Tilt sensors (scratch built)
  • Loss of ground sensor (from Lynxmotion)
  • Built-in watchdog timer (software timer on BeagleBoard)

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