MK2 – Collision Detection

Posted: 2010/09/18 in Uncategorized

The collision detection system on MK II is a simple bumper coupled to a set of photosensors.

MK II Front Bumper

MK II Front Bumper

The picture shows the left side bumper bracket in blue acrylic.  The bumper in clear acrylic is attached with a screw to the bracket.  The bracket is affixed to the rover’s chassis by a rotating brass pivot pin.

The assembly acts as a pendulum and requires very little force to activate.  When the bumper makes contact with an obstacle, the pendulum swings and by doing so, removes the part of the pendulum that is obstructing the photosensor’s (black block) IR beam.

Bumper with Elastic

Bumper with Elastic

If necessary, a small elastic band can be added around the blue bracket and the brass insert on the screw holding the photosensor assembly.  This adds a small amount of resistance and guarantees that the pendulum return in its resting position having the rover disengages the bumper from the obstacle.

P.S. the acrylic components were made from scratch on my Taig manual mill.

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