MK 2 – Motor Controller

Posted: 2010/09/26 in Uncategorized

The motor controller is based on 2 kits from HVW Technologies.  The brain of the controller is a BS2SX stamp and the H-brige is a L298 motor controller board.  The only deviation from the original kit is that I replaced the diodes on the L298 board by fast switching Schottky types because I eventually want to put PWM controllers between the L298 board and the BS2SX stamp to control the speed of the motors.  I intend to use a couple of DS1050Z-025 for that purpose.  This will relieve the little BS2SX from having to generate PWM.

MK II - Motor Controller

The BS2SX communicates with the BeagleBoard through a standard RS-232 link.  The BeagleBoard will send simple commands to the BS2SX to start, stop, reverse, forward the left and/or right motor.  The BS2SX will take care of toggling the right I/O ports to enable/disable the desired motor in the requested direction.

For PWM, the BS2SX will communicate with the DS1050 via I2C to set the desired PWM and this will be coupled to the disable/enable of the L298 to pulse the motors.  At the same time the BS2SX will read pulses coming in from photo interruptors to monitor the speed of the motors and wheels.


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