MK2 : Initial Test of BeagleBoard & Phidget Controller

Posted: 2010/10/13 in Uncategorized

Well I have finally reached a point in the construction where I can do some basic testing of the hardware with some simple software running on the BeagleBoard.


Rover Development Set-Up

Rover Development Set-Up


This will verify the power subsystem, the BeagleBoard, the Ethernet connectivity and the reading of analogue sensors and LCD of the Phidget controller.

As you can see from the picture, I’m operating the rover without the cover and with only the BUS A powered.  It supplies the BB controller, the Phidget controllers, and the USB hub with Ethernet I/F.


NetBeans GUI

NetBeans GUI


I develop the software on my Linux PC using NetBeans.  I find it easy and intituitive to use.  Here’s a snapshot of the NetBeans gui on my Ubuntu desktop.

I first compile and link the source on my Ubuntu desktop and once satisfied, I copy the source onto the SDCard that I then move onto the BeagleBoard.  I boot the BeagleBoard and telnet to it from my desktop.  I then compile and link the source natively on the BB.  I know there’s a way I can get NetBeans to “connect” directly to the BB, but I have not figured that out yet.  It would save me time from not having to go back and forth my desktop to the BB.


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