Netbeans and BeagleBoard

Posted: 2010/10/15 in IDE

Well I spent several hours this week setting up Netbeans on my Linux PC to interwork with my Beagleboard.  There is a lot of bits and pieces about this on the internet, but as usual, one has to assemble all the right pieces together to get things working repeatedly.

If I had to redo things, I would follow this sequence:

  1. updated to Netbeans 6.9.1 & install the entire environment not just the C, C++ env.
  2. install the latest SSH server & client on the PC & BeagleBoard.  Note: on the BB the SSH service will not start-up on boot… something to resolve.
  3. to make things easier, ensure that you have a common user-id that is part of the admin group on both machines.

I opted to use SSHFS to “connect” the file systems between the two machines instead of NFS.  Using NFS would have required me to switch my machines to static IP, no something I wanted to get into.

So the recipe for now is to (assuming my desktop is running):

  • boot the Beagleboard
  • wait for the “usual” flashing lights
  • telnet to the BB, start SSH, logout
  • sshfs <user-id>@<ip>:/ /bb  … yes I mount the whole file system, I need access to the source and the toolchain from the BB
  • now I start netbeans on my desktop and can open the project and compile/link/debug as if on the BB

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