MKII : System Map

Posted: 2010/10/16 in MKII System

Even though I do IT project management all day for a living, I cannot avoid doing some to drive some hobby projects.  The big difference is that I don’t have deadlines and no one’s pushing me to get things done in a certain order.

Regardless, it helps to be somewhat organized.. so here’s a diagram of MKII’s systems.

MKII systems
MKII systems

If you click on the image you can see the breakdown of the systems.  Most of them have 2 major components: the hardware and the software.

In the last few months, I have spent most of my time on building the hardware.  I’m just starting the software work, and for now concentrating on the design of the basic handlers interfacing with the Phidget controller.

Many of the BB software interfacing the Phidget is recycled from the first prototype.  Why re-invent the wheel 🙂

If you take a close look at the diagram, you will see that there are some icons beside the components that are completed (green check mark) or in progress (green lights), and the ones where I am currently stuck due to some kind of issue (red light).


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