MKII : USB Web Cam

Posted: 2010/11/08 in Uncategorized

Well one area that I need to re-design from MK I is the USB Cam module.  This module does not work as is on the BeagleBoard.  My MK I stuff was designed around the original V4L libs, and code borrowed from a public domain tool “camgrab”.

I need to upgrade this stuff to V4L2, the current version of the USB Cam libs for Linux.  Sounds simple, but I’m no pro in this area.  I’m going to have to do a fair amount of homework on this… but hey, that’s part of the fun. 😉

At the same time, I’m taking a closer look at OpenCV, there’s a lot of nice utilities in there for robot vision and image manipulation.

Stay tuned…

  1. Jim says:

    I just pushed out a very low overhead V4L2 webcam server. If you are send images off as JPEGs it can use the JPEG hardware in the cameras to offload the encoding. If you are going to process onboard for machine vision, you’d be better off using the YUYV modes and skipping JPEG encoding.

    The tinycamd itself is stripped from a more ambitious security camera system I cancelled and is built to have an arbitrary number of threads in it doing different interesting things with the frames, but how to add one isn’t currently documented. It is as simple as creating a thread, then repeatedly invoking “with_next_frame(your_function_name)”.

    It is now hosted at Google Code:

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