Machining : converting to numerical control

Posted: 2011/01/01 in CNC conversion

Well I finally succumbed to the call of CNC.  After operating my hobby metal lathe and mill for several years, I’ve now decided to convert my mill to CNC.  The aspect of creating many similar parts really got tiring on the manual machines, one, two is ok, but past that, it gets real tedious.

I have been looking at this for quite a while and have been reading various forums,  I decided to opt with Geckodrive’s drive/stepper/controller for my Taig mill… and will probably start off using Mach3 for the CAM S/S even though it only runs on windows 😦

I have received many of the parts for the conversion and will soon start the process.  I will try to blog my conversion adventures here, under the category of “CNC conversion”


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