It’s been an eternity…

Posted: 2011/09/05 in Uncategorized

Wow, it’s already the end of the summer, time goes by quick. The days are getting shorter now, it’s time to get back to indoor activities.

I had a couple of weeks of vacation and the weather was rather crummy, so I was able to visit the basement machine shop.  I redesigned (again) the base of my rover. Now the electronics can be easily removed from the body of the rover.

Rover MKIV

B.T.W. I replaced the power supply system with some very nice units from Parallax.  These have built-in battery chargers and monitors.  I also replaced the Basic Stamp controller with a PIC-AXE controller with a series 2 X-Bee module.  I’ll have to re-design part of my S/W but the PIC-AXE should prove more versatile and uses much less physical space.

I’ll provide details in future posts.


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