PIC-AXE Controller

Posted: 2011/09/10 in Uncategorized

I opted to switch my BS-2SX based controller for a PIC-AXE based one.  I had several reasons to do so.  The hardware is much more compact, the processor is much less expensive, it offers a larger set of pre-built routines and the supplier provides a product that has a PIC-AXE 18 + XBee on the same small board.

 My biggest problem with the BS-2SX was how finicky the serial interface was to program.  My BeagleBoard needs to communicate with the controller and it took me forever to find documentation and good detailed examples to get the timing just right to get the data flowing in both directions reliably.

I’m hoping that this will not be the case with the PIC-AXE 18.  Now I’m have to change my RS-232 layer to account for the controller change, and have to translate my BS-2SX routines to PIC-AXE basic.  This should be interesting.


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