Redesigned Chassis

Posted: 2011/09/10 in Hardware

As I mentioned in my last post, I redesigned the rover mechanics to decouple the electronics from the chassis.  Here are a couple of pictures of the chassis and the electronics’ carrier.

I re-positioned the electronics to make better use of the space and provide better access to the electronics to test components.

The new power supply is based on 2 Parallax Lipo based units that contain all the necessary electronics to safely recharge the batteries and at the same time prevent the batteries from discharging too low.

In addition to these units I used a high-efficiency regulation module from SparkFun and stacked a voltage sensor to monitor the pre-regulated voltage and a temperature sensor to ensure everything stays relatively cool.

I had to perform some simple changes to the software running on the BeagleBoard to change the voltage thresholds to match the new power units.  Everything tested good.


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